Janabre the pefect place for selfdevelopement

Janabre Therapeutical Massage is a special kind of massage that links massage, psycoterapy and bodytherapy together. Your body remembers and keeps thrauma hitten, for suddenly to burst out in sitiuations where it is not convinient. and we never know how it will show its wounds. Anger, depression, dissorders, stress, PTSD or many other ways. Here we "speak" with the body throug massage to heal it.


Do you go through a life crisis, do you need professional assistants. Sometimes it just gets, too much to overcome by yourself...

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Therapeutical massage is a fantastic experience for all people. It is given to all who like a gentle and loving touch by loving and giving masseuses, in a loving enviroment

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Massage School

Some people can not forget the fantasic feeling to recieve therapeutical massage, they also wants to learn it as well. Here is the wonderfull opponitunity to become a therapeutical masseuses yourself

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